Matteo Pisani

Matteo Pisani

Senior Software Engineer | Hacker

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About Me

30 years old (Jan 5th '91).
Disassembling toys since I was 3 y/o.
Graduated in Computer Engineering with a thesis in Cyber Security.
10+ years of experience in coding.
5+ years as CTO in different startups.
1 patent filed (US 62/404,784 October 6th, 2016)
780k€ of investments raised (seed round record in Italy).
30k€ won in start-up competition.

Strong minded, creative, curious and inspired.
I am able to scale development projects from mobile to desktop to server.
Hacking attitude with strong disposition toward Reverse-Engineering.
Fast Learner.
Performances obsessed.
Excellent problem-solver.
Always ready to adapt to new environments.
I bridge the gap between the hardware and the software.

Professional Background

Prior experiences in software development involve the following areas:

▫ Artificial Intellicence/Machine Learning
▫ Big Data
▫ Biomedical
▫ Health services
▫ Diagnostic Services
▫ Analytics Services
▫ Image processing
▫ Reports
▫ Managerial
▫ Web Automation
▫ Hybrid/Native Mobile Applications
▫ 2D/3D Videogames
▫ Mobile/Desktop Virtual Reality Experiences
▫ Embedded Devices
▫ Microcontrollers and Firmwares
▫ Bluetooth LE Input Systems
▫ Hardware Peripherals Drivers
▫ IoT and Embedded Devices
▫ Formula-E Racing Cars
▫ Digital Signal Processing

Peculiar Strengths

▫ Object oriented programming (OOP), data structures, algorithms and software design
▫ Strong time management and logical skills
▫ Excellent analytical and programming skills
▫ Critical thinking and complex problem solving abilities
▫ Analyze and implement hardware, software, and system requirements
▫ Resolve complex technical issues related to software and hardware
▫ Test driven development (TDD)/Behaviour driven development (BDD)
▫ Single-thread/Multi-thread programming
▫ Synchronous/Asynchronous programming
▫ RESTful services development
▫ Architect and develop product-specific SDK (Software Development Kit)
▫ Develop code base for smart-devices wireless firmware update (DFU/OTA)
▫ Debug code for existing software applications
▫ Native/Hybrid app development ability (iOS,Android)
▫ Native/Cross-platform desktop software development ability (macOS,Linux,Windows)
▫ Deploy, update and monitoring of commercial apps (Apple App Store,Google Play Store)
▫ Solid backbone development to build and implement social networks infrastructures
▫ Development of communication protocols for hardware peripherals
▫ Development of 2D/3D Video games for any platform/console
▫ Development of native/hybrid VR/AR experiences
▫ Confidence with Scrum, Kanban and Agile methods
▫ GIT and CI server implementation
▫ UI Testing/Automation
▫ Draft technical manuals/documentations
▫ Team leading

Electronic Passion

I love bringing my prototipes to life. I am able to take care of the whole production process:

▫ Draw the schematics
▫ Create footprints
▫ Perform components routing
▫ Handle gerber files
▫ Solder components
▫ Troubleshoot PCB related problems

Working Time

Always With

▫ My MacBook
▫ A couple of iOS/Android dev devices
▫ Toolbox
▫ Soldering iron
▫ Digital multimeter
▫ Prototyping breadboards
▫ Arduino/RaspberryPi boards
▫ Wireless/Bluetooth dev modules

Previous Position

Work Experience

Have a look at my LinkedIn profile to discover more about all the roles I covered in the past.

Latest Projects


How I Hacked Nintendo Joy-Con Controller (Part I)

“Surgically implanting a 3D-Touch Capacitive Trackpad in place of the original Analog Joystick.

How I Hacked modern Vending Machines (Part I)

“Hitting and kicking” the bundled App of their widest European distribution company.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part I)

Reversing and making it compatible with Apple iOS devices.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part II)

Developing compatibility across multiple platforms.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part III)

What about using two controllers at same time?.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part IV)

Doing things even more serious.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part V)

Ghetto positional tracking.

How I Hacked Google Daydream (Part VI)

Building a better typing system for VR/AR using AI.